Advanced physics objects

Image credit: Phys. Rev. D 102, 012010 (2020)

This lesson will introduce a few “advanced” topics that are not directly used in the analysis example. We’ll talk more in depth about particle flow candidates, and discuss jet substructure, which is one interesting use of these candidates that has been used extensively in CMS Run 2 analyses.


Following the Physics Object Pre-learning module is important! You will need the CMSSW docker container and POET analyzer area from that lesson. Note: users of the Mac M1/M2 chips will not be able to run the POET examples in this lesson, but can apply the principles to existing POET files using the ROOT docker container.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Intro Reading Did you do the pre-learning module?
00:30 2. Intro to Particle Flow What is the CMS Particle Flow algorithm?
How are particle candidates classified with Particle Flow?
How can Particle Flow information be accessed in POET?
01:10 3. Jet substructure Which jet substructure observables are available in CMS MiniAOD?
How are W boson jets identified using fat jets?
How are top quark jets identified using fat jets?
01:50 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.